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Ashley N. Walkowiak serves as the Director of Policy, Intergovernmental Affairs, & Mediation. In this role, she develops and implements policy, as well as legislative and community-sensitive strategies, to further civil rights protections for Pennsylvania citizens. Additionally, she oversees the Mediation Services Division.

Prior to joining PHRC, Walkowiak served as the Special Assistant to the appointed Commonwealth Victim Advocate (2018 – 2023) where she worked to advance the rights and services provided to crime victims. She developed training on the impacts of trauma, led sensitive initiatives, directed strategic planning, and served as agency spokesperson.

From 2006 to 2018, she held various executive positions in the Governor's Office of Administration, the state agency dedicated solely to policy and implementation.

Walkowiak is passionate about restorative justice and creating a just and safe Pennsylvania for all citizens. She is a published author and holds an Art Therapy

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