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What Participants Have to Say about our Program

“The MLK-LDI truly changed my life! The lifelong relationships that were built were truly genuine and have been an influence in my life both personally and professionally.”

Justin Coleman, President, JCNA Financial, Class of 2009

”I am proud to be a graduate of the MLK-LDI…not only from the perspective of continuing the service and dream of Dr. King, but it provided me with friends and a perspective in life that has made me a better human being.”

Chief Rob Martin, Susquehanna Township Public Safety Director, Class of 2014

“I was able to utilize the tools gained from the MLK-LDI in my current work environment to become a more astute leader. The institute also exposed me to issues and Agencies in my community that need assistance, the level of research needed to affect change and the appropriate steps needed to get community leaders and local government involved in affecting the change we need.”

Deneen Diggs, Chief, Missions and Manpower, US DLA, Class of 2016

The MLKLDI was an exceptionally organized program that offered an opportunity for enlightening discussions, guided team exercises, and thoughtful engagement from the instructor(s).  The materials and insight provided throughout the program helped me to grow as a leader while encouraging me to broaden my professional network through the cohort model.  The legacy of Dr. King was certainly omnipresent throughout this program!  I highly recommend taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity for leadership evolution.

Dr. Francia Done Henry

MION Consulting, Class of 2020

“The highly-regarded MLK-LDI engages numerous profit and non-profit community leaders throughout Central Pennsylvania in practical dialogue and thoughtful activities that foster critical reflection, conversation, and collaboration. The numerous ‘insights’ and ‘lessons’ gained from this program were easily integrated into the work I/HACC does to assist our diverse population of students achieve their goals.”

Dr. Ski, President, Harrisburg Area Community College, Class of 2015

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