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I was born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ. From birth, we are identified by our differences. This practice will follow us through life as we continually limit ourselves to boxes based on our race, gender, age, religion, and even sexual preferences. There has never been a space where I wasn’t aware of my identifier as a black woman. Even within my own community, the physical diversity of my dark complexion has affected how I am treated. Diversity can cause challenges in any environment, but challenges are meant to be overcome.
As a black woman, I plan to meet the expectations of my internal and external clients with compassion and strength. I plan to give a voice to clients who may not have the knowledge and/or power to have their issues heard. I plan to advocate for the issues of marginalized groups. I plan to assist victims of abuse because I survived. I plan to demonstrate the work ethic of my ancestors. My personal mission is to help my people regain and maintain faith in the legal system.

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