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Inna Zudilina

Intake Investigator

Inna is an intake investigator at the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of social work. With a solid background in mental health and housing accessibility, Inna has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving the lives and individuals and communities in need. For 6 years, Inna served as a social worker in both rural West Virginia and the City of Pittsburgh, advocating for those facing mental health challenges and working to ensure access to suitable housing options. Inna’s experience in the field has equipped her with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding mental health and the importance of providing inclusive and supportive environments for individuals to thrive. As an immigrant, Inna brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work, recognizing the complexities and challenges faced by individuals navigating unfamiliar systems and cultures. This personal experience fosters an increased sensitivity and understanding towards the needs of immigrant communities.

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