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Nicole Best

Executive Director

Nicole Best is visionary from Yonkers, NY who is an established Entrepreneur, Financial literacy educator with a long standing career in Financial Services. After passing multiple Securities licenses, she owns the title of Registered Rep specializing in investments, retirement planning, asset protection, long term care and life insurance at a top Fortune 100 company. Nicole is proud to passionately help others leave a legacy by securing and building wealth which had lead to over 4 Million dollars of total assets under management and counting.

Nicole merges her life long love of community and Finance background to impact and educate the most vulnerable. She is the Founder of Another Way of Life, a Nonprofit focused on empowering at risk young men ages 8-23 through financial literacy, representation and life skills. Introduction to kayaking exposes them to a different environment while fostering self esteem. The goal for Nicole is to provide to others the type of impact she received.

Nicole is also a newly published author of the ABC’s of Money Coloring & Activity Book for ages 8 and up. Her motivation is to change the trajectory of her communities future. She believes if we’re to train a child up in the way they should go, we should apply that to financial literacy as well. Her book is currently on Amazon and located in in store at both Malik Books locations in Los Angeles, CA.

As a mother of 2, Nicole is dedicated to leaving them a world better that what she received, so she diligently works hard to defy the odds. Nicole’s motto is, Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission. She enjoys smashing stereotypes while being the best authentic version of herself. “I don’t want to take any gifts or talents with me to the graveyard, it’s rich enough so I’ll pour mine out for the world to see.” When you live your life to the fullest, you’ll never have regrets.

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