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Sue Mumma

Manager of New Business Development

Sue is a facilitator and connector, and as the Manager of New Business Development at PA Media Group, consistently brings in new customers via events, sponsorships, and business & personal connections. She prefers to work with regional and statewide organizations that require a strategic, multi-platform approach, and the experience and knowledge of the entire team to achieve their goals. It’s a smaller group of customers, but goes very deep with them, so she can make a real difference to their business in both the short and long term.
Sue believes that when you do the right things for the right reasons, everyone can win, and strives to create opportunities where all parties feel like they got the best part of the deal. She also believes that excellent relationships in business, charitable works, & community outreach/involvement are the key to a successful career and life.
Sue is currently serving on two boards and a number of committees in areas that she is passionate about: LLS, hospice, education for children, and social equality, with priority on underserved persons and communities.
Over the last 30 years, Sue has won dozens of awards for sales and goal achievement and has been recognized publicly for her extensive work with non-profit organizations, including being named Woman of the Year with LLS.
Sue attended BCCC & HACC with a focus on Marketing, Communications and Business. She lives in Hershey PA with her significant other and three cats.

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