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Todd Schwartz

Human Relations Representative

Todd Schwartz hails from the City of Philadelphia and is currently an Intake/Housing Investigator for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Todd earned his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Delaware, majoring in Political Science as well as earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on Urban Studies/City Planning. Todd also served as a Probation/Parole Officer for the City of Philadelphia for 13 years as well as dabbling in transportation and urban planning issues for the past 14 years. When Todd is not serving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he can be found riding his Dutch Style bicycle throughout the city and dining at one of the many vegan restaurants in town, or reading a book/newspaper in a park. And finally, Todd is a rabid Eagles fan and doesn’t care if you like the Eagles. Just as long as you don’t cheer for the Cowboys, Giants, Steelers, Patriots, Commanders, or basically any other team in the N.F.L..

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